Xbox Live Communicator

Xbox Live for Dummies

Four Things You Need to Get Online

1. Broadband Internet Access

Xbox does not accept 14.4K dial-up. Most ISPs work swimmingly—with AOL’s high-speed cable service being one of the few exceptions. You’ll also need a router if you want your Xbox to coexist with your PC online.

2. A Credit Card

Xbox does not accept personal checks or gold shillings, so make sure you have your credit card handy. We’d make a joke about Master Chief never leaving home without his assault rifle right now if we were so inclined, but, fortunately, we’re not.

3. An Xbox Live Starter Kit

These come in various flavors and sizes, but 70 bucks will get you a Communicator headset, a one-year subscription to Xbox Live, and a copy of the MechWarrior-inspired shoot-a-thon MechAssault. (Note: It’s 50 bucks a year after that.)

4. The Ability to Enter Data Into Your Xbox

Name, home address, credit card info…a few more things, and you’re ready to roll. Literally, 10 minutes, and you’re done dealing with it forever. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Xbox Live.

Four Things You Can Do on Xbox Live

1. Talk to Your Friends

It’s an easy way to talk to your pals, without pesky things such as “telephones” or “phone bills.” There’s an ever-so-slight lag at times, but this is the best way we know of to cheat the system.

2. Make New Friends (And Enemies)

Making friends is easy…especially when you can’t see them or be seen yourself. It may sound creepy, but anonymous voice chat is a whole new way to socially interact. (You freak.)

3. Download New Content

New levels, scenarios, items, and characters are available every week—just check for daily scoops. Alternatively, check out XBN’s On the DL for monthly updates.

4. Play the Games

Duh. With more than 70 games and 750,000 subscribers online as of January 1, 2004, the Xbox Live community keeps on growing. If you haven’t joined already, now is the time—just be sure to leave your expletive filter at home.

Single Green Magazine Seeks Talented Gamers

XBN seeks pro gamers, specifically of the online variety. Each month, we will publish tips and strategies from the best gamers in the business; if you’re good, tell us what makes you tick and help others tick in a similar fashion. Send e-mails to and mark the subject line “Live All-Stars.” The best responders will find their tips (and their names) in these here pages.

XBN Editor Challenge

Day or night, rain or shine, land or sea, the Xbox Nation editors are here to accept your feeble challenges. We promise to beat, maim, shoot, outplay, outrun, or outdance any and all comers; this is not a threat, but rather a grim reality. Tread lightly, ye contestants. Note: Xbox Nation does not accept responsibility for the hurt feelings and/or poor win-loss records of its victims.

Che Chou - Gamertag: CheXBN

Greg Orlando - Gamertag: Motis

Evan Shamoon - Gamertag: Giantmecha

David Chen - Gamertag: RastaGundam

Simon Cox - Gamertag: Coxy

Andrew Burwell - Gamertag: Andrew XBN

Andrew Mendoza - Gamertag: BeatsNrice

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